Wiang Galong Village

ABOUT WIANG GALONG: Wiang Kalong is located on Doi Dong Mountain in Doi Luang Mountain Range. In the village of Forest Park Moo 5, Hua Fai district, Wiang Pa Pao. Chiang Rai province Another important cultural attraction. This ancient community can not be identified. There is no mention of this city in evidence or records. The story of the city is told through the objects found here.

PEOPLE & LIFESTYLE: The most important is that Wiang Kalong is a place in the legend of early Buddhism in Buddhism. In ancient sermons Tha Phaya Ka Fah (Madame Jaipur) The birth of the Buddha 5 or Dharma. Some are in the triptych. Involved with many legends, many places.

FOLK WISDOM: Back in the past thousand years, "Wiang Kalong" ancient city, the original industrial pottery Vieng KaKong. Famous for a long time. There are thousands of thousands of scattered throughout. In the district of Wiang Ka Long to Wang Tha. The raw material is good quality soil. Burned with high temperature (Ceramic), the shape of the design is perfect, the beauty of the pattern of natural imitation and often write a unique mother. Production is important. Land sales are spread throughout Asia and parts of Europe. Currently exhibited in famous museums around the world.
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